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Free Technology Assessment and Consultation

What to Expect?

At Armia Systems, we worked with over 1100 clients developing new technology platforms or adding new functionalities to existing ones to help our clients serve their customers better. If you have an idea for a brand new concept or you want a new pair of eyes to take a look  at your existing platform, Let's know

As part of the free consultation you will learn more about:

  • High level feasibility of your concept
  • Best technology stack options
  • High level estimate of the effort required 
  • Potential for creating proof of concept or MVP
  • High level code review of existing platform, if available
  • Best options for mobile apps
  • Potential phases of the project

If you'd like this free technology consultation, please fill out the form so our tech consultant  have all the information they need to review your concept prior to your call.

There's no riskno obligation, and no credit card required.